Board Review of the Strategic Plan
Due to the volume and complexity of the strategic plan, the review by the Board happened over 3 separate sessions. The first two were retreats, which supported open discussion and debate without requiring a formal decision, or even driving to consensus. The last meeting was a regular meeting at which time the Board formally approved the strategic plan. The notes and links below give you access to the various slides and exhibits, as well as summaries of the ensuing Board discussions.
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  1. The First Retreat
    This section of the outline provided a link to the PowerPoint presentations delivered at the retreat as well as a detailed outline of the discussion and any emerging consensus.
    1. Slide presentation on the overall plan for the Board review, including meeting agendas.
    2. Detailed notes on the ensuing discussion.
      This section contained a detailed recording of the board discussion.
  2. The Second Retreat
    1. Fund development
      A discussion of where we stand as a group on our fund development skills and attitudes. We'll start with the scope of the challenge and our current situation. The Board Chair outlined the expected level of fund development from the Board.
    2. Metrics for the strategic objectives
      A proposal for a measurement strategy to track the success of efforts toward each of the strategic objectives. These metrics would be reviewed at each Board meeting over the coming quarters. Also includes a methodology for the staff to regularly check their respective market groups to target their program development efforts.
  3. Formal Approval Meeting
    1. This is one portion of a larger meeting. It requires a formal vote on the following 3 items:
      1. Edits to the mission statement
      2. The 4 strategic objectives
      3. The metrics for measuring progress toward the strategic objectives
    2. Prior to the vote, we reviewed an array of operational tools that had evolved among the staff along side the strategic objectives. The tools are accessible through the website.
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