Introduction to Staff Initiatives
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  1. DESCRIPTION: This section lists the more specific initiatives the staff will undertake to realize the strategic objectives. Any particular objective may require numerous staff projects. And a particular staff project could support more than one strategic objective.
    1. The entries are generated from staff discussions within each of the Centers of Excellence.
    2. Some of the entries do not yet have a designated owner or completion date.
    3. The second page of the worksheet would provid additional detail on each initiative. In this sample, the detail sheet has been skipped.
  2. PURPOSE: The biggest challenge in strategic planning is not generating the plan, but living the plan. Implementation is the Achilles' Heel of any strategic planning effort.
    1. The initiative listing provides a tool for capturing all the relevant initiatives and their current status.
      1. Reviewing the document allows the executives and managers to have a coherent and focused discussion of which initiatives to formally approve and launch.
      2. The list gives individual staff a broader context for the 1 or 2 initiatives for which they are champions.
    2. Each initiative is associated with a status, an owner, a due date, a metric for completion, and an estimated cost.
    3. The file can be sorted by strategic objective, or filtered by owner, due date, or status.
    4. This document is much more relevant to the CEO and staff than it is to the Board. Board members, however, may wish to view the total set of initiatives behind any strategic objective to test their confidence that we are going to "make it happen".
  3. Downloading the file
    1. The listing of staff initiatives is an Excel spreadsheet that is in constant use. This sample Initiative List is intended only to be an example of the format and some possible content. An actual list often contains 30-50 initiatives for consideration.
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