The Program Offerings
Staff discussions about responding to member needs can easily degenerate into each staff listing the programs in their department. The desire was to force consideration of the total range of offerings under each Center of Excellence and across each of the target audiences. This forces staff to think about the entire mix of programming beyond their own area.
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  1. DESCRIPTION: There are three files which help to capture the range of programs offered
    1. The program matrix is an Excel spreadsheet with key service populations as the row headings and program themes as the column headings.
      1. The cell entries are the programs within an area proposed or currently delivered to that service population.
      2. The cells are color-coded for the department that would have primary responsibility for those programs; the legend for the color coding is in the last row of the table.
    2. We also have a chart with departments as row headings and program themes as the column headings.
      1. The cell entries are how that department would support a particular center of excellence. The purpose of the chart is to provoke discussion of the cross-departmental efforts
  2. PURPOSE: The Program Matrix supports conversations across program areas to ensure that the mix of programs offered are adequate for the strategic intentions of the organization.
    1. Do all the programs within a column amount to a first-class offering within that area?
    2. Do all the programs within a row provide a compelling reason for that population to belong to the MFC?
    3. Some cells are X'ed out; are we certain these are program areas we do not want to pursue?
    4. For empty cells, what might we provide in that Center of Excellence for that target population?
  3. PURPOSE: The Dept X COE chart supports conversations about interdepartmental efforts that will support excellence in each COE.
    1. What can each department do to contribute to the excellence of a given COE?
  4. Download the files
    1. Program Matrix
    2. Dept X COE Chart
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